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Rema G- Vancouver, WA      (02/04/2014)
Wev'e called Joel on NUMEROUS occasions because the moles just see to love our yard.  He has always captured multiple moles and e-mailed us proof.  He is prompt, knows what he's doing and has always been successful. We highly recommend NW Mole & Gopher!  We really enjoy keeping our yard looking nice, and mole mounds are definitely an eye sore.  If you have mole mounds, Joel's your guy.

Dennis N- Vancouver, WA      (10/23/2012)
The moles were making swiss cheese out of my back yard, but NW Mole & Gopher was able to catch him within a 1 week, something I couldn't do after 1.5 months of trying with multiple traps. Recommended!

Walter S- Camas, WA          (10/16/2012)
Satisfaction is what I received. NW Mole caught the moles that another firm could not get..  They came each week as promised and have been diligent in the pursit of the moles. What attracted me to NW Mole was their informative web site.  Highly recommend them as they perform as advertised. Give them a call.

Dan H- Vancouver, WA         (10/09/2012)
Joel is a master mole getter!  And a very nice guy as well.  If you have a mole problem... call Joel.

Tony C- Vancouver, WA        (10/05/2012)
So glad I discovered Joel and NW Mole. i especially like his business model of follow-up service for a number of weeks. I think it pays off in the long run and provides worry-free mole service.

Lenay M- La Center, WA      (10/03/2012)
NW Mole and Gopher caught the moles that were destroying my backyard.  Joel even showed me how to set the traps so that I could do it myself in the future.  He was over every week for six weeks just like promised.  I would definitely recommend NW Mole and Gopher to anyone!

Rema G- Vancouver, WA    (10/2/2012)
NW Mole and Gopher is a great little company!  They caught the two bad moles who were tearing up our front yard in their first week of trapping at our house. We had tried all the rumored methods of mole control.  Unfortunately we were unsuccessful in ridding them.  We even tried trapping.  These guys know what they are doing.  Just trust them, they will catch the bad moles tearing up your yard!

Chris M- Portland, OR    (10/29/2012)
Joel was fantastic and patient in tracking and trapping a huge and destructive mole.  His communication was great.  Will definitely use him again.  Thanks!

Sekhar B. - Portland, OR (12/10/2012)
Thanks for trapping my mole. I spent quite a bit of money on poison and smoke bombs. None of them worked so did some research in Craigslist and found NW Mole & Gopher. Joe did a great job and he did trap the moles.  I recommend Joel and do not waste money on poison and smoke bombs. Thanks Sekhar

Michael S. - Beaverton, OR  (01/27/2013)
Joel was able to solve my mole problem within the first week of setting traps. He also came back, checked, and reset the traps for another month to ensure my mole problem was completely solved. If my yard turns into a battlefield again in the coming years, I'll absolutely give NW Mole & Gopher another call for help.

Carolyn M-  Tigard, OR  (04/15/2013)
We tried for a couple of years and finally called in the pros.  Joel caught 2 or 3 the first week and had caught 6 total in 6 weeks time.  His price ended up beating the other estimates by a long shot.  Joel is very personable and reliable and honest.  I would definitely recommend him to my friends. 

Tim C- Amboy, WA (3/07/2014)
I've had them out two years in a roll, did a very professional job of ridding my lawn of moles. Seven moles total and my yard is the only one mole free.

J L- Camas, WA (2/12/2014)
We are on our third round of service with NW Mole & Gopher.  The first round last winter I think Joel caught 6-8.  Then last summer he caught another 2-3.  This winter has been hard with all the cold weather but he has caught at least one.  We live in the hills and understand that this will be an ongoing activity.  We have Joel come out every six months or so to set his traps and have been completely satisfied with his service.  He always comes when he says and if he can't make it he always communicates with us what his plans are.

Thomas S- Ridgefield, WA (3/10/2014)
The service that Joel provided was excellent. After years of trying all kinds of techniques and spending so much money on things that didn't work, I was so happy to finally rid my yard of these pesky little things. I am looking forward to enjoying my mole free  yard this summer!  Thank you Joel!

Chuck M- Vancouver, WA (3/07/2014)
Awesome professional service. We have been a repeat customer and wouldn't call anyone else. Thanks Joel.

Traci L- Camas, WA  (2/21/2014)
NW Mole and Gopher has been great! Joel is a very hard worker and does whatever it takes to get those little critters. Our yard is large and we had what Joel called "a mole factory." He got right in there and took care of our problem. He is very reliable and emails customers pictures of the moles he catches on the property as well as updates on the progress. He has solved our mole problem and is easy to work with. Would definitely recommend.

Leslie G. - Vancouver, WA (02/20/214)
Joel got 'em the first week out!  No activity since... His company is definately worth a try.  My recommendation is DON'T WAIT, and let the critters multiply.  Get Joel out there and get them early.  I'll call him again definately if another mole tries to take up residence in MY yard.  Thank you Joel, I loved the weekly email updates too, with pictures and all...

Harold G- Portland, OR (2/14/2014)
For years, our heavily wooded 2 acre yard looked like the lawn had been bombed. There were mole hills and vole trails everywhere. We tried a number of services who used sound, sprays, traps, and even castor oil! Nothing worked. 
Joel was referred to us, he came, he saw and he conquered. Within a couple of months the entire yard was free of the mounds and hills and trails. He continues to stop by on a regular basis and has kept the results in place for over a year. 
He is definitely a mole hero! 
Not sure what the negative review went through, but I would give Joel the very highest review possible as he is the consummate expert. Moles don't stand a chance!!

Carolyn M. - Vancouver, WA (2/13/2014)
After several weeks of no success with "home remedies" for mole removal, I contacted NW Mole for help.  There were over 20 mounds of dirt from these guys and they were destroying my lawn. Joel placed 6 traps and said he would check on them weekly.  By the next morning we had the first one but took another three weeks to get the last one.  An added bonus that I appreciated is that he cleaned up the site and even gave me pictures to share! Thanks again.

Bob B- Brush Prairie, WA (2/13/2014
I tried everything to get rid of our moles over the last two plus years. They had done a lot do damage to the yard and I was going nuts. Then I discovered Joel and his outstanding service. We use him on a regular basis and it has been amazing. He has trapped many, many moles over the past year, is always prompt, honest and always keeps us up to date with weekly emails. I give him the highest recommendation possible!

Tim C- Camas, WA (2/12/2014)
We've had Joel to our 5 acre lot on probably 4 separate jobs, each time he got all the moles. He shows up weekly, does the job and sends pics to show progress. Very good communication if he can't make it a certain day for whatever reason. I would highly recommend him if you have pesky moles or golfers.

R G - Northeast Portland, OR (2/06/2014)
Joel has come to our house on multiple mole emergencies. He is always prompt, quick and thorough in setting his traps, and always gets the moles. For some reason, moles seem to really like our yard, and we hate the unsightly mounds the moles create. After coming over Joel emails us with updates, and will also send us pictures of the moles he catches. We've been highly impressed with NW Mole & Gopher, and have no hesitation in recommending them! We also won't hesitate to call on them for when the moles decide to pay us a visit.

Rema G - Vancouver, WA (2/03/2014)
We've called Joel on NUMEROUS occasions because the moles just seem to love our yard. He has always captured multiple moles and emailed us the photos as proof.  He is prompt, knows what he's doing and has always been successful.  We highly recommend NW Mole & Gopher! We really enjoy keeping our yard looking nice, and mole mounds are definitely an eye sore.  If you have mole mounds, Joel's your guy.

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