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- Based on your address and up to 2 kills.
- Everyone pays for a basic job, if yours ends up larger you don't pay     extra unless a 3rd kill occurs.        
- Basic jobs (standard sized yards) are 1-2 moles. Extras are $50 per.
- Pay for any extra kills at the end of service on website using the "additional kills" item at checkout.
- Return customers receive a coupon code to use for future service.

Vancouver / Camas / Washougal = 210
Brush Prairie / Hockinson = 260
Battle Ground / Ridgefield = 310
Fargher Lake = 395
Detailed On-Site Training Local = 225
Detailed On-Site Training Out-Scirts = 285

-Kills are always guaranteed or money back
-If your moles disappear and we have no kills you can pause service until they return or get full refund.
-A picture of each kill is taken and then mole gets buried in ground
-Each kill pic is texted to customer unless you opt out with Joel.
-14 calendar day grace period after service is over to get back on schedule if you need to add another mole to your service. Anything over 14 days you need to reschedule/pay online but return customers do get discounts via coupon code. 

Schedule Service:
Go to the "Schedule / Pay" tab above and select your city and pay for basic service. This will put you in the scheduling system. After signing up Joel will text you to schedule your day and arrival window. Typically 1-3 business days out. All communication done via text.

-Visits are each calendar week (most jobs 4-5 visits) but no time limit.
-Heavy rain or freezing temps may postpone that weeks visit.
-Trapping continues until we see no new activity for 2 weeks.

Trapping Process:
-Traps are buried / mounded / flagged
-All mounds / bumps are flattened to identify the freshest activity
-Traps are safe for all animals except moles and no chemicals!

*Must leave 2ft circle around each flag while mowing or weeding! Each flag marks a single trap. Pulled flags can lead to missing traps as each trap is buried. 

*Trap damage or removal can end service. You should communicate with your lawn service crew to educate them. Contact Joel immediately if you see flag or trap damage.

*My large traps are not being made anymore and the new versions are less effective. Do not mow in low light situations to avoid hitting a trap or flag.

*Do not dig up traps! It can destroy the tunnel and you can lose one of my small traps that are hard to see. I use 4 sizes of traps.

*I run a service route each week so cannot make house calls after service has started. Your visit time each week is dependent on your spot on the service route map that my software creates. I will typically know the day and which half of the day I will arrive if you need to be there. Please leave locked gates open on your visit day. Text Joel for all communications.

*Keep your same watering schedule and do not start or continue any landscaping projects while trapping is in progress. It will disrupt their normal patterns which is critical for trapping. Mowing / Weeding / Fertilizing is okay. Avoid laying new bark, pulling large trees or doing fence work, sprinkler work or new lawns as it will spook them to the neighbors short term and you wont get your money's worth.

(as of Sept 2020 I have gone paperless so please sign up and pay online. Any debit/credit card will work, as will Google / Apple Pay) 

Closures:  Each year I stop taking jobs around May 25th so that I can be on vacation with family in July. I am then closed down until Oct 1st while I run a fishing charter out of Astoria and the Columbia River Gorge. In short, I am closed in June / July / Aug and part of Sept each year. If you like to fish check me out at www.AnvilOutdoors.com. Can seat up to 6 customers in new 27' river sled. Seats are $225 in Aug/Sept/Oct and $195 in March/April/May.