-getting worked over after hours of trying
-multiple trips to Home Depot
-hundreds of dollars spent
-weekends wasted
-scouring the internet for better tricks
-getting laughed at by your neighbor/wife

Get Trained to be a Mole Master!!

Full - On-Site - Detailed - Hands On Training in the art of trapping moles.. I show you all of my tricks / best practices. Teach you everything you possibley could need to know about getting these suckers in your own yard. How to keep them away and how to nail them quick when then they start to enter your property

-tools/supplies needed
-locating tunnels
-where to put traps
-trap location tunnel prep
-best traps / how to set them easily / safely
-trap manipulation to boost effectiveness
-cheapest place to get traps
-follow up documentation (as a refresher)
-coming soon... training follow up videos

Training Locations